Stop School Pests

Students spend a major part of each day in school – at least 25 percent of the time they’re awake. An unhealthy school environment can have a profound effect on their health and well-being in the short- and long-term. Stop School Pests training for schools, a free, self-guided training package aimed at K-12 staff who are involved in the environmental health of schools is available online. Developed by a team of IPM experts, this training will benefit any K-12 school district that wants to improve their school’s environmental health by reducing hazards from pests and pesticides. The website hosts individualized trainings for nine different categories of school staff and teaches how to address issues associated with school pests, such as asthma, absences, and pesticide exposure using an Integrated Pest Management approach.

Organization: IPM Institute of North America

Categories: Contaminant Management

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