Sponsor-A-Hive Bee Grants

The Bee Conservancy’s Sponsor-A-Hive program bestows beekeeping grants to help people safely set up, maintain, and observe on-site bee sanctuaries at schools, community gardens, and green spaces across the United States. The program will bestow material grants in the form of honey bees, mason bees, and/or leafcutter bees; their homes; bee keeping equipment; and information on how to care for the bees. Bees are strategically placed in locations where they can bolster bee populations, advance science and environmental education, and pollinate locally grown food. Grants also provide a Sponsor-A-Hive Teacher’s Kit, which is full of lesson plans and worksheets to teach students more about their bee home. It’s designed to build reading and science skills, raise environmental awareness, and empower students to help the bees.

Organization: Bee Conservancy

Categories: Environmental and Sustainability Education

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