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Design Guidance for Education Facilities: Prioritization for Advanced Indoor Air Quality

The intent and scope of this document is to provide guidance to owners, operators, designers, and professional service providers on how to best implement indoor air quality (IAQ) improvements, including risk mitigation strategies, in educational facilities.

Air Sensor Technology and Indoor Air Quality
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Air Sensor technology advances and increasing availability in the consumer marketplace are changing the landscape of indoor air quality management.

K12 Education and Climate Provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act
Aspen Institute/World Resources Institute

This resource, developed in partnership between The Aspen Institute’s This Is Planet Ed and the World Resources Institute’s Electric School Bus Initiative, outlines the potential opportunities in the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) to support schools in taking climate action. The report provides information about tax credits, potential financing mechanisms, and grants in the IRA. We provide a short description of the provision, highlight the lead agency and eligible beneficiaries, and discuss the potential benefits to schools.