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Educator Advocacy Toolkit
This Is Planet Ed, The National Education Association, and The American Federation of Teachers

Educators can work to advance climate solutions — solutions students can see in their schools. The Educator Advocacy Toolkit, developed in partnership between This Is Planet Ed, The National Education Association, and The American Federation of Teachers, provides educators with the strategies and resources to advance climate action locally in their school districts, including talking points to help build consensus and specific programs to leverage for funding.

Climate Change and Children’s Health and Well-Being in the United States
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

This national-scale, multi-sector report quantifies projected health effects associated with extreme heat, air quality, changing seasons, flooding, and infectious diseases. Where possible, the analyses consider the extent to which these risks disproportionately fall on children from overburdened populations.

Making the Case for K12 Sustainability Staff Toolkit
U.S. Green Building Council Center for Green Schools

This toolkit, provides key resources for champions of sustainable schools to advocate for the hiring of sustainability staff at their school or school district. The toolkit includes facts and tips, general sustainability skills and job responsibilities, job description templates, links to over a dozen actual job descriptions, as well as examples of school system organizational reporting structures to support sustainability staff/teams.